Thursday, 2 May 2013

✦International consultate's fair✦

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 Hello guys! Finally I'm back! I really have the prupose of making at least 3 post per week! This will work you'll see!
However...Last weekend was the ICF (long name) and it was really interesting to watch people dressing like their countries or cooking their traditional food. Some countries didn't make an effort at all! But others were brilliant! I'll show you my favorite costumes/details.

First of all of course, clothing from upper left to clockwise: El Salvador coordinate, Little italian girl, three lovely spanish dancers and german dresses.

Top to bottom:
Arabian skirt detail, Argentinian cow art, Moroccan candles, Southamerican fabrics and French menú.

And! My favorite EVERYTHING of all: RUSSIA! The girls were stunning, the jewelry, some beautiful matrioshkas, delicious food, and much more, they were amazing!

I hope you love them as I do!
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