Monday, 29 April 2013

CAMP! (delayed post)

Sorry for the delay! I went out of town with my classmates to Mazamitla, a really amazing little town near my city.
It was BRILLIANT! Saturday night was one of the best moments of my life, no kidding! I did something I didn't feel capable of doing it and I'm really proud of myself...
Also we went to a walk in the forest, it's amazing the way the forest makes me feel, it's something magical and like an escape to the "real" stressful life, it was beautiful.
I also could watch the sun going up all by myself, all alone,  incredible.
Well I don't want to bore you with my thoughts, I'll leave some pictures below so is not just words!
Thank you for reading!
(PS: Sorry for the noisy pictures! I promise I'll buy a good camera someday!)

Yup! The crown I made  

 The entrance to the forest


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

TUTORIAL: Flower Crown

EDIT: I'm also translating this tutorial to spanish, so don't get messed up with the spanish parts <3

So, there are thousands of flower crowns tutorials, I know, but I really wanted to do this, so I'll show you my way of doing it!
Keep reading!

Hola a tod@s! Yo sé que hay muchos tutoriales para hacer coronas de flores, pero de verdad quería hacer esto, así que les mostraré mi manera de hacer una!
Sigan leyendo (:

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dark Cavaret

Today I tried something more grunge, I went out with my friend Linda and we had so much fun, I bought some really awesome vintage denim high waist shorts, I'm totally in love with themmm!!

SWEATER Banana Republic - MAXI LONG VEST Vintage - HEADBAND Topshop - BOTTOM Zara - SOCKS Zara - HAND BAG Zara - SHOES ebay

Thank you for such an awesome day Linda! And also to Michelle who's always late hahaha kidding...


Friday, 12 April 2013


I'm totally into them! Flower crowns over all, do you decorate you hair?
Unique and original headdresses are a MUST! Flowers, animal ears and the most crazy hats are taking a big place this season.
Let me show you some of my favorite unexpensive ones:


Taylor Swift with cat ears from TOPSHOP (not sure)

From NastyGal

From NastyGal

From on Etsy (Also can be a necklace!)

I have done some crowns for myself, and I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for you (;


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

☆ Nails Inspiration ☆

So my friend Michelle ask me to decorate her nails with polkadots of different colors, then I decorated my own experimenting drawing techniques!  ♡
Here are the results,  tell me what you think!!!


Getting mad about bags! ♡

I literally can't go out without something to carry my stuffey with...
From the red one to clockwise:
Guess, Betsey Jhonson, offbrand(mexican store), vintage, ZARA, Nicole Lee.


She is Andrea

Welcome everyone!
This is my brand new street fashion blog! My name is Andrea Bañuelos and I'm proudly mexican ❤ I'm 18 and about to get older (cough...july 21th) and a graphic design student (Finally college! omgomgomg) Since I was like 15 I wanted to be in the fashion scene, but just this past year I actually got into it. Of course I'm not a pro and still don't know really much, but the passion for fashion has always lived in me! 
I consider myself a newborn artist and I really love anything that has to be with art, design, fashion and nature (planet loverrr ❤)
I really wanted to start this blog long ago, but just yesterday decide to finally make it real.
I really want to grow in the fashion scene, and I know I will if I make an effort!
Right know I don't really know what to say, but you'll see that with time my posts will be richer and better...
So welcome again to Velveteen Mannequin!