Wednesday, 10 April 2013

She is Andrea

Welcome everyone!
This is my brand new street fashion blog! My name is Andrea Bañuelos and I'm proudly mexican ❤ I'm 18 and about to get older (cough...july 21th) and a graphic design student (Finally college! omgomgomg) Since I was like 15 I wanted to be in the fashion scene, but just this past year I actually got into it. Of course I'm not a pro and still don't know really much, but the passion for fashion has always lived in me! 
I consider myself a newborn artist and I really love anything that has to be with art, design, fashion and nature (planet loverrr ❤)
I really wanted to start this blog long ago, but just yesterday decide to finally make it real.
I really want to grow in the fashion scene, and I know I will if I make an effort!
Right know I don't really know what to say, but you'll see that with time my posts will be richer and better...
So welcome again to Velveteen Mannequin! 



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